Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose 'upset' with WWE for RAW storyline

Sonya Deville has revealed that she and Mandy Rose were momentarily upset with WWE for the storyline involving Lana and Liv Morgan. There was an LGBT angle brought into the storyline involving Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Lana with Liv Morgan introducing herself as the latter's love interest.

The storyline did not reach a proper conclusion as Rusev has remained off WWE TV since the start of Royal Rumble. He was scheduled to be in the Men's Rumble, but he was removed after getting involved in a brawl with Lashley just before the pay-per-view started.

It was reportedly something Deville and Rose had pitched to WWE for a long time, but simply did not get booked. Despite not getting it over with the WWE Creative at the time, Deville is confident that they can still pull it off.

Rusev is not on WWE TV at the moment, while Lana is also no longer available as she is in the process of shooting a movie. Liv Morgan has moved on from the storyline and is in a feud with Ruby Riott.
As for Deville and Rose, they are involved in a bizarre love triangle storyline, with Dolph Ziggler, Heavy Machinery and Robert Roode also involved.

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