WWE Rumors - Possible reason Vince McMahon decided to abruptly call off ongoing RAW storyline

There is no denying that WWE stories are rather hit or miss, and so are the characters. For every Rock and Stone Cold, there is Rocky Miavia and The Ringmaster.

While WWE try and build intriguing characters for the fans, there are some that are outrightly rejected and fail to work. One such idea was Erik Rowan's ongoing storyline where he carried a cage around with him to his matches.

Two weeks back on RAW, we saw Drew McIntyre finally end the gimmick as he smashed the covered cage with steel steps destroying the cage, and possibly the gimmick. Dave Meltzer of WON had revealed that Vince McMahon had given the order to end the gimmick.

While speaking on the topic of the reason for ending this gimmick, Wade Keller talked to Bruce Mitchell on a recent edition of his PWTorch podcast. Wade Keller thought it wasn't a good idea for a babyface such as Drew McIntyre to smash the cage which possibly had a live spider inside. (Rowan had revealed a spider-like creature inside the cage a few weeks back)

However, Bruce Mitchell opined that the gimmick was ended in a way to put McIntyre over, as people would view him as the Superstar to have ended the ridiculous gimmick. So, in a way, The Scottish Psychopath gave the fans what they wanted by metaphorically smashing a poor storyline.

Drew McIntyre will be facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at this year's WrestleMania, and hopefully, the former Intercontinental Champion will finally win his first World Championship in WWE.

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