WWE Rumor - More unfortunate news regarding WrestleMania weekend

The COVID-19 pandemic has now become headline news all over the world and has already caused WWE and the wrestling world as a whole a number of issues over the past few weeks.

AEW have made the decision to postpone Blood and Guts, whilst WWE are attempting to push forward and still present WrestleMania 36, even though they have accepted the fact that it will be without an audience.

Not only that but given the added pressures within the United States, it appears that WWE will now pre-record their biggest show of the year, which would then allow many of their Superstars to go into self-isolation.

The remaining shows are all expected to be pre-recorded rather than presented live, but the bad news for WWE fans doesn't end there. FightFul Select are now reporting that the RAW after WrestleMania 36 could also be pre-recorded.

This is going to be one of RAW's biggest episodes of the year, and the one where many fans often tune in and begin to get invested into storylines heading into SummerSlam. Without a crowd, the RAW After WrestleMania definitely won't have the same feel, which could be why the company made the decision to pre-record the show.

WrestleMania is set to be presented over two nights regardless of whether or not it's pre-recorded, but it's unknown what the future holds right now as the United States continues to battle the coronavirus.

Hopefully, WWE will get back to presenting shows in front of a live crowd in the near future and will take full advantage of SummerSlam later this year.

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