Former WWE Diva accepts Bayley's title match offer
As previously reported, WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion Bayley had addressed former WWE Diva Eva Marie on Twitter and asked her whether she wants a go at the title belt.

Bayley had posted the tweet in response to a workout video shared by Marie and took a shot at Paige in the process. Paige announced on this past week's episode of SmackDown Live that Bayley would be defending her title against 5 women, including her best friend Sasha Banks.

Now, Marie has responded to Bayley's tweet and she seems to be all for it, judging by her tweet. Check out her response below:
Marie was a mainstay in WWE back in 2013-15, after which she moved to NXT for a brief stint. She later returned to the main roster, where she remained active until her exit from the company in August 2017. Although the response was likely in jest, fans of Marie would want nothing but for her to return and compete for one of the Women's titles.

Bayley has been quite active on Twitter lately, especially after what happened on SmackDown Live last week. She went on to address her WrestleMania opponents in a series of tweets and didn't seem happy at Paige putting her in a 6-Pack Challenge with the odds heavily stacked against her. She even went on to offer a title opportunity to Renee Young.

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