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Top 5 biggest moments of New Day

Top 5 biggest moments of New Day

As one of the most prominent and prosperous stables in WWE history, The New Day consolidated its heritage. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods was among the best events, games, and feuds in WWE for over six years.

However, the WWE draft of this year has finally ended its time by separating the party. Kofi and Xavier now reign as WWE RAW Tag Champions with Big E alone on Friday night SmackDown. Unlike everyone we have ever seen in the company, these three men Share a friendship. 

On the New Day, WrestleMania 33 was held, shiploads of goods sold and the bar and the revival have feuded.
 Now with their goodbye match in the SmackDown books last week, it's time to look again at the top 5 biggest moments of New Day. These three people have done a series of unforgettable matches, moments, and successes together.

#5 New day at the Summerslam will win their second WWE team championships

The WWE World will welcome the New Day with "New Day Sucks" songs prior to Summerslam in 2015 in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

This culminated in the team welcoming the response and turning their backs before they first won the WWE Tag team championships. The New York crowd, however, was still known for its distinct healing responses.

In a four-way battle at The Prime Time Player, Los Matadores, The Lucha Dragons in Summerslam the NewDay tried to reclaim the WWE Tag Team titles.

The Barclays Center audience now welcomed the "New Day Rocks" team, which contributed to the New Day winning their gold for the second time in this receptive crowd.

This law will prove to be the best-known and longest New Day in the history of WWE. This leads us to our next listing entry.

#4 Wrestlemania entry of the New Day

The New Day in WWE eventually passed soon before WrestleMania 32. The WWE world has long applauded and promoted constructive influence. The help led the WWE to release Booty O's, the New Day concept for cereal.

This was very lucrative for the organization along with the rest of the team's shirts. But New Day has been heeling to Dudley Boyz and the Usos in their company. 

The New Day will enter a group of WWEs, known as the League of Nations, at the largest exhibition of the year in Dallas. This case will also be the most prominent entrance to the threesome in Wrestlemania.

If you had to stand out against 101,763 people in A&T Stadium, a giant Booty O's box will be the New Day.

This introduction to Wrestlemania 32 demonstrates the New Day is one of the most important acts of WWE. While the team was not going to win their match, they left the WWE World for a moment that everybody was still nostalgic about.

#3 WWE Tag team's longest-running champions in history

The New Day was to win a Triple Threat match on the 12th of December 2016 of Monday Night RAW, to be the oldest WWE Tag Team Champions ever in its history.

Big E and Kofi Kingston have been successful in defending the RAW tag team championships by the Nice Brothers and the Bar, Karl Luke Gallows and Anderson.

But when the RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon was upset with the celebration behind the scenes, the new day was once more pushed in a second triple threat match to defend her gold.

The two teams of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, have been threatened by Xavier Woods and Big E.

The match was harder than the first, but the New Day managed to beat both teams and prevail and become the longest-ruling champions in the past. 
While six days after the Roadblock 2016, they will drop the titles in The Pub, today's achievement remains. This was the foundation of their legacy.

It would remain their most famous moment before three years later one of the founders will win a much greater victory. 

#2 Kofi Kingston of New Day wins the WWE WrestleMania Title

In 2019, Kofi Kingston's Latest Day game was inside the Chamber and Gauntlet before the show due to his injury to Mustafa Ali before the Elimination Chamber.

The success of Kofi Kingston at the Gauntlet pushed his fame, allowing him the ability to make his way to the biggest show of the year.

While Kofi  Kingston was losing the game, his success was in WrestleMania 35 against WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan put obstacles after obstacles before Kofi  Kingston before the event. His fellow members of New Day helped him to get there, though, by winning a tag team game Gauntlet in the previous week.
Kofi Kingston made history at WrestleMania 35 and beat Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion. In the history of the business, he was the first African-born world champion.

The New Day and its children were kept together, not only during the event but all year. The most emotional and memorable event. The triumph of Kofi Kingston is forever alive by far the best moment in the New Day history. 

#1 The Uses vs. New Day inside the Hell In A Cell

The last Hell In A Cell match has been the fight between The Usos and the New Day in 2017 to participate in the WWE Smackdown Titles. The two teams traded in the summertime and again, and in the Devil's playground, their famous rivalry ended.

This is a painful time to recall like Xavier Woods stuck with kén sticks against the Hell In A Cell. In one of the best matches of the year, the four men put everything on the table.

They also gave the New Day vs Usos the best tag rivalry of today's squad a very legendary match and feud.