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Randy Orton vs Edge is it a good idea for WrestleMania 37

Randy Orton vs Edge is it a good idea for WrestleMania 37

Six months out for WrestleMania 37, but WWE still may have one of the most blockbuster WWE Championships that will lead the shows next year. A monumental battle between Edge and Randy Orton for the WWE title is one of the frontrunners for WrestleMania 37.

The stage was supposed to take place as Randy Orton won the Drew McIntyre WWE Championship in Hell in a cell. There is a rumor that WWE now is building for a confrontation with both legends of the WWE Championship. There are various reasons why WrestleMania's Edge against Randy Orton is a positive thing.

The Rated-R Superstar and The Killer Legend is also recognizable inside. Together and together, they have fought against and have left an everlasting impact on sports-entertainment on both sides of the same coin.

They have unmistakable chemistry on the ring. In the ring and the mic, Edge and Randy Orton carries the best from each other. The Viper and The Ultimate share a wonderful tale in their circles and WrestleMania can never be any other. Edge vs. 

Randy Orton vs Edge is it a good idea for WrestleMania 37

Orton would give a memorable match that people would recall for the long term, but it would not be a five-star masterpiece. The last time they crossed the roads, the two icons were fierce enemies. Edge was spoiled by the Viper one night after his return to competition by brutally threatening his old best mate.

It resulted in a WrestleMania 36 contest, where Edge was physically and figuratively the last one to stand. In "The Best Wrestling Ever," two fought again in Backlash, putting on a classic, and this time Edge beat Orton. This time.

Unfortunately during the match Edge hurt his triceps and was forced out for several months. There didn't stop Randy Orton's antiques as he took out Edge's best friend Christian on the following night. In his first greatest promotion, the Rated-R Superstar confronted Randy Orton and challenged Orton to miserable his life.

Why this match is important in WrestleMania

The Supreme Opportunist vs The Legende Murderer crosses both boxes from a pure plot point of view. It makes perfect sense: the hard, sturdy cot is set to seek veneration from the filthy, strange heel who has spoiled his hometown and sought to return him there?

WWE should really have made Randy Orton WWE Champion bring more intriguing to the ultimate battle between the two competitors.

Randy Orton's victory at the WWE Championship has been driven by the speculation of the WrestleMania showdown listed above. The storied rivalry of Edge and Randy Orton was the impeccable prelude in the WrestleMania next year to their rumored rubber match.

The edge must win a WWE Championship in order to compose his warmest and most exciting return tale. In April 2011, the Hall of Famer retired as World Heavyweight Champion — a title he never lost, and the last champion won the WWE Championship almost a decade ago.

A WWE Title is likely now that he is back and looking better than ever. Think about all the options for the WWE championships of EdgeEdge v. Seth Rollins, Edge v. Kevin Owens, Edge v. Drew McIntyre, Edge v. AJ Styles, and more.

For this historic pre-game, WrestleMania is the right venue, and the WWE championship would be a bonus, albeit a prestigious one.