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AJ Styles Biography History Net Worth And More

AJ Styles Biography History Net Worth And More

About AJ Styles

AJ Styles debuted in 1998 for pro-wrestling. He competed mainly on many individual promotions during the early stages of his careerAJ Styles made his first major break in 2011 with the World Wrestler Championship (WCW). AJ Styles went into TNA from 2002 to 2013.

He remained there. AJ Styles became very famous in his fraternity as a wrestler in TNA. He has been a three-time NWA Heavyweight World Champion and two-time heavyweight TNA World Champion. AJ Styles finished five times the TNA Triple Crown and was the first to do so. He's also a TNA Grand Slam two-time winner.

AJ Styles spent a small amount of time with ROH after the TNA, and he switched to NJPW after becoming the ROH Pure Champion. In his early match, he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and took the title there again. AJ Styles took over and started to lead the Bullet Club as well.

AJ Styles Early Life and Childhood

AJ Styles Born in poverty to an abusive father Styles describes his childhood as "worse than a hell" and acknowledges that, initially, he despised his father for years because of his aggressive actions. AJ Styles was born in Allen Neal Jones, North Carolina, USA. During school, styles entered a wrestling school, just out of fun, because friends tried it.

In the beginning, he didn't like it, but eventually, wrestling developed and AJ Styles took it more seriously. AJ Styles was graduated from Johnson High School in Georgia and was given a Bursary in South Carolina due to his wrestling skills. At the start of his career, AJ Styles did bizarre work, such as driving and water supplying buildings, while attempting to support himself as a wrestler.

AJ Styles Biography History Net Worth And More

AJ Styles WWE

AJ Styles with the WWE signed in January 2016. Of note, the original introduction of he to the WWE Universe was not. Fourteen years ago, during the early days of his activism career, AJ Styles was contacted by the WWE. In 2002, when it was offered to become a member of the creation program, AJ Styles declined to sign with the WWE. He was now about to be accepted as a Superstar in the WWE.

AJ Styles has made his WWE debut as the eighteenth wrestler of the Royal Rumble in 2016, which is popularly called "The Phenomenal One." Though Kevin Owens kicked him off, AJ Styles stormed the arena in a loud stroke and became the crowd favorite at once.

He soon picked up a rivalry with Chris Jericho and the rivalries on the SmackDown and the RAW continued. But AJ Styles formed a tag team alliance to carry Y2AJ into the world with Chris Jericho. They took the New Day together.

Chris Jericho and AJ Styles entered a feud once more and ended up in WrestleMania 32's loss at AJ Styles. He also became the first challenger for the Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight Champion. After several feuds, AJ Styles was designed to become the top superstar in the SmackDown brand.

AJ Styles Personal Life

AJ Styles married his secondary school teacher friend, Wendy, in 2000. He's the father of three children—Ajay Covell Jones, Anney Jones, and Avery Jones, and Albey Jones, a daughter. AJ Styles loves his kids so much and has enormous tattoos that mark their children's birthdates.

AJ Styles once revealed in an interview that they were so poor during their childhood that they could not afford a TV and styles used to watch matches at their friend's homes.

AJ Styles Biography History Net Worth And More

AJ Styles Career

AJ Styles had his first big break at the 1998 National Championships in Georgia, where the legend, Rick Michaels, trained him but he lost his very first single game. AJ Styles was, however, the winner of the TV championship Promotional Tour in 1999. Styles then participated in numerous individual tournaments both in the United States and abroad.

AJ Styles made his first Australian WWA promoter's debut in February 2002 and captured his first World Cruiserweight Championship WWA title after Jerry Lynn was defeated. Forms also spent a long time in the East Coast wrestling association, the Frontier Wrestler Alliance, and the world wrestling championship (WWF).

AJ Styles finished with the first TNA X Division Championship and soon took his hands on the Tag Team Championship in mid-2002. Stile also had a TNA wrestling stint. Several months later he lost the Low Ki X Division Championship and attempted to reclaim it, but he was unsuccessful. In October AJ Styles somehow reclaimed the title, just weeks later to lose again.

AJ Styles soon became the wrestler in the main events of the show after his debut at the Ring of Honors and missed his very first title shot in the ROH World Championship. In 2003, he was the champion of the ROH Tag Team, partnered with Awesome Red, and eventually took the championship from The Prophecies.

After a variety of wrestlers in a one-night event like CM Punk, AJ Styles became the ROH Pure Wrestling Champion. When the ROH contract ended in 2004, the title became vacant. When he returned to ROH in 2005, he made several attempts to score the title of the ROH World Championship but failed.

At the 2007 TNA, AJ Styles won the TNA World Tag Team Championship with a team named Tomko, which in 2008 they lost, and Styles, along with a group of young people called Samoa Joe formed a TNA Front Line and took the Mafia Main Event with big names including Kurt Angle and Booker T. His feud with the then World Champion, Sting, began and AJ style lost several title shot matches. But he succeeded somehow in beating Booker T to obtain legends.

AJ Styles Biography History Net Worth And More

In 2009, Styles won a five-way big match against Matt Morgan, Stant, Hernández, and Kurt Angle at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. His title was defended several times and he finally became a villain because of his cheats, where AJ Styles took Ric Flair's support in the matches. Rob Van Dam however ended the 2010 reign of Style. AJ Styles made several attempts to get the title back but in vain.

In July 2010, Styles beat Terry, who lost him shortly afterward, to take on the Global Championship. In 2012, AJ Styles joined Kurt Angle in the Tag Team and beat Kazarian and Daniels, which they lost to the same team a few weeks later and ended up defying the team champions of the Tag Team many times unsuccessfully.

AJ Styles returned to the 2014 Ring of Honor and, on his return, beat Roderick Strong in his first match, and soon became the first ROH World Heavyweight Championship competitor, though Champion Jay Lethal defeated him during the match. It was reported in January 2016 by WWE officers that AJ styles were part of the WWE and the title of a royal rumble match was removed in less than 30 minutes, lost the title, and began a prolonging feud with Chris Jericho.

AJ Styles did not take long for WWE World Heavyweight Championship to become the first challenger, and Styles were drawn to Smackdown on July 19. AJ Styles beat Ambrose as WWE World Champion in September 2016 and prevailed in a three-way match aga.

However, at the Royal Rumble, he lost the John Cena Championships and at the beginning of 2017 watched the WWE Championship. In April, AJ Styles was the first championship contestant to win the title and Kevin Owens lost the title.

The new Japan Pro wrestling was also associated with styles and the IWGP Heavy Weight Championship was successful. AJ Styles was the Bullet Club chief as well. PWG World Championship along with the RPW British Heavyweight Championship are among his other independent circuit wins.

AJ Styles Net Worth

AJ Styles is a professional American wrestler with a net value of $6 million. In June 1977 he was born in Lejeune, Jacksonville. AJ Styles began his independent career and worked briefly at WCW and the WWE.

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