WWE Superstar Rusev reveals the reality of situation after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia
WWE Superstar Rusev reveals the reality of situation after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

WWE Genius Rusev is presently associated with one of the stranger storylines of WWE, as his genuine spouse is having a kayfabe illicit relationship with Bobby Lashley. He was one of the Superstars whose arrival from Saudi Arabia was deferred, and a tweet from him had worked up discussion with respect to the effectively unpredictable situation. 

In a meeting with The Sun, Rusev affirmed the truth of what had occurred and the explanation behind his disputable tweet 

Rusev uncovers the purpose for his disputable tweet 

At the point when WWE's flight was deferred, bringing about a few Superstars missing the SmackDown show the next day, Rusev's tweet requesting 'every one of the prayers' started some dread among the fans about their situation in Saudi Arabia. 

He uncovered in the meeting that his tweet had more to do with his confidence in God and not because WWE Superstars were being held as prisoners. 

He proceeded to discuss the situation there, and why the conviction that they were being held as prisoners was preposterous. 

"We were all prepared to get out and we couldn't.""The dissatisfaction just developed by every hour and me requesting prayers is nothing new.""My father is a minister, I'm an adherent to God, Jesus Christ, our friend in need, so I generally request prayers just because I needed to return home, not because we were held prisoner."

"I don't think anybody in their legitimate personality is going to hold 170 individuals, American residents, prisoner, I don't think that will reflect well anyplace." 

At last, tending to whether he would return to Saudi Arabia, he kidded he would if the cash was correct. He proceeded to state why those outings were imperative to him. 

"I love it, I love each and every excursion that we do there, I love the delightful way we break boundaries with ladies wrestling there and Lana being ready to go.""I believe it's an incredible triumph for the organization, for that, however to open new entryways and new chances to grow further, it's just stunning. It's an incredible open door for us to be represetatives for performers." 

In the mean time, it will enthusiasm to perceive how Rusev's storyline with Bobby Lashley and Lana proceeds.

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