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Three Dark But Important Info That You Missed This Week

Three Dark But Important Info That You Missed This Week

This week, Friday Night SmackDown took its regular autumn journey to the United Kingdom and hosted another live episode of the show from Manchester. It was a shock that aimed right at the Survivor Series which featured a new declaration of the match as well as the crowning of new champions.

The fact that SmackDown Tag Team Champions are now SmackDown Tag Team Champions for The New Day, which consisted of Kofi Kingston and Big E as Xavier Woods recovered from injury. means that the Survivor Series game will now see the seven-time Champions taking on The Viking Raiders and The Undisputed Age instead of The Resurrection.

Dana Brooke and Carmella and were both the first women to qualify for a blockbuster 5 vs 5 vs 5 elimination contest for the Women's Survivor Series, also pitting RAW vs. SmackDown vs. NXT. It was another packed episode of the show, but you might have overlooked some subtle details.

The SmackDown stage was not introduced to WWE

Three Dark But Important Info That You Missed This Week

WWE made a huge deal of the fact that as SmackDown crossed over to FOX and Raw celebrated its season opener at the beginning of last month, both Raw and SmackDown will have fresh looks, but it seems that these new stages are not on the list to make the trek to the UK with the WWE stars.

The stage last night was the typical stage of WWE that required the company to film an episode of SmackDown followed in the same building by an episode of Raw, which may be why a generic stage was selected.

It's also likely that if they really wanted to, WWE might have reversed the stages in the middle of the tapings, but it makes more sense to stick to a traditional package for these two tapings and hope the WWE Universe doesn't care.

Heavily edited was the crowd

Three Dark But Important Info That You Missed This Week

The days of SmackDown are filmed on a Tuesday night and only air on a Thursday or Friday a few days later, ensuring that most of the time the WWE World is seeing the response of the audience to the show live.

The program was pre-recorded last night because the United Kingdom has a time gap from the United States of five hours. This gave the business ample time to correct any blatant faults, re-tape any segments, and edit audience responses, of course, if they did not match in with the narrative that the organization was attempting to say.

As King Corbin was cutting his promo at the start of the stage, this was probably the most noticeable, King Corbin is treated as a heel right now and for the near future goes up against Roman Reigns, but the audience in Manchester didn't seem to dislike him all that much.

Throughout the promo, the boos sound rather mechanical for King Corbin, which suggests that maybe a face turn for The Lone Wolf might work in the future if he was already welcomed by the United Kingdom.

Fresh style for Sasha Banks

Three Dark But Important Info That You Missed This Week

Sasha Banks has a new appearance, a new mentality, and she has a new style. Last night, when she took on Nikki Cross as part of SmackDown's show in Manchester, The Manager, now referred to as The Blueprint, showed off the new remixed version of her theme.

At the conclusion of what was an entertaining battle, Sasha Banks was able to make Cross tap in the same city where she made her main roster debut last year, with Bayley on commentary.

Sasha Banks once had one of the company's most popular subjects, just as Bayley a few weeks earlier, but a different stance has been unleashed by the recent Women's Tag Team Champions since they've been relocated to SmackDown.

The latest theme of Sasha Banks is identical to the theme Snoop Dog pulled up the star in the ring back to WrestleMania 32. This is the right subject for banks to go forward and make it easier for them to change their entry.