There has been a great deal of discussion about WWE's legally binding dealings with the talents in later past. It was noticed that the company is hoping to secure a larger part of its talents to long haul contracts with the lengths extending from 3 to 5 years. 

In any case, a special case was made in Rey Mysterio's case. 

Dave Meltzer uncovered on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Mysterio was offered a 18-month contract as the previous WWE Champion was searching for a short-term deal. 

The company was mindful that Mysterio had offers from different companies and that he would not return unless they fulfilled his needs and kept him upbeat. At last, Rey Mysterio figured out how to get a decent deal that would stay with him with the for in any event year and a half. 

While the company signed a 2-year contract with the WWE legend, a clause in the deal would empower Mysterio to give his notice once he completes year and a half. 

Meltzer noted: 

"Rey Mysterio got a 18-month deal because, essentially, he didn't have to go. He got a decent deal all around because they knew very well indeed that on the off chance that he was upset, he wouldn't sign and he had numerous options." 

Mysterio's agreement status was a piece of the greater discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio that rotated around a couple of troubled Superstars asking for their release. 

A bunch of Superstars have openly asked for their release in the past not many months, notwithstanding, approvals have not been approaching from the WWE. Luke Harper asked for his release yet was purportedly secured to his agreement. Mike Kanellis, who signed another 5-year deal, also stated his desire to stop the company

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