Welcome to another version of the WWE Talk Gathering, here we bring to you the greatest stories from the day. 

While there have been a great deal of fascinating bits of gossip and news stories grow today, yet the arrival of previous WWE Champion CM Punk has out shadowed pretty much every other thing going on in the realm of wrestling today.

CM Punk at last returned to WWE as a component of the fs1 studio show called WWE Backstage, where he will probably fill in as an expert. Give us a chance to investigate the 6 greatest accounts of today:

#6 Backstage response to CM Punk making his arrival

Except if you have been living under a stone, you are now mindful that the most anticipated return in ongoing WWE history at long last occurred on the second scene of FS1's WWE Backstage on Tuesday, as CM Punk returned to WWE programming.

Despite the fact that he has joined FOX as an examiner, that has not prevented Punk fans from praising the way that the previous WWE Champion has returned to WWE in some limit.

According to Fightful Select, the move amazed numerous there and the individuals who worked in the background. It came as a major astonishment likely on the grounds that FOX had implied that they were not keen on getting Punk for the show after his tryout.

Fightful additionally expressed this was on the cards from the start and simply a few subtleties must be made sense of and settled.

#5 Was WWE engaged with bringing CM Punk back? 

While the general recognition is that CM Punk has at long last returned to wrestling, in all actuality Punk has returned as a representative of FOX and not WWE.

PWInsider has additionally uncovered that the decesion to acquire Punk was 100% a FOX call. Notwithstanding, it likewise referenced that WWE gave their full endowments for this arrangement to experience.

#4 Rey Mysterio offered a one of a kind arrangement by WWE

Rey Mysterio has figured out how to get himself an outstanding arrangement with WWE; something that other WWE Whizzes can want. Rather than the standard 3 to a 5-year contract, Mysterio has arranged a momentary 2-year contract for himself.

While the agreement is for a long time, it has a condition as indicated by which the Ace of 619 can give in his notice on contending year and a half in the event that he so picks.

Here is the thing that Dave Meltzer uncovered on Wrestling Eyewitness Radio:

Rey Mysterio got a 18-month bargain in light of the fact that, basically, he didn't have to go. He got a decent arrangement all around in light of the fact that they knew very well indeed that on the off chance that he was disturbed, he wouldn't sign and he had numerous choices.

#3 Paige and The Miz sign new arrangements

As revealed by Ryan Glossy silk on the latest release of WWE Backstage, The Miz and Paige have marked agreement expansions with WWE.

This comes as extraordinary news as the two are unmistakable and we surely trust WWE has major designs for them two. Ideally, The Miz will at long last get a major push we have all been hanging tight for.

#2 Roman Rules uncovers why Corbin was detested backstage

The Enormous Pooch Roman Reigns is right now engaged with a major quarrel against Noble Corbin, or rather, Lord Corbin. Corbin grabbed a major win over Roman Rules this past SmackDown and it would seem that WWE are resolved to make the previous US Champion a major name.

Rules as of late showed up on Corey Graves' web recording After the Chime and discussed an assortment of subjects including why Corbin was not popular backstage and how he changed that:

On the off chance that you would've disclosed to me I would've fundamental evented an European visit with 'Football Tom', I would've said 'Get the damnation out of here. Better believe it, right.' A certain something, even with the young men in those days, he got a response, isn't that so? He scoured us a specific way, and when push came to push and it was the ideal opportunity for him to get in the ring, they resembled, 'Man, you will get terminated in the event that you don't get in the ring.' He lifted it up, he's a major person, he has great planning... I'll give him that.

#1 Corey Graves blames WWE for 'squandering' The Viking Raiders 

WWE broadcaster Corey Graves isn't one to mince his words, and that is actually what Graves did on his latest version of After the Ringer digital recording.

Graves expressed that WWE have not used the present Crude Label Group Champions appropriately:

Tragically, what I removed from that is the waste that has become the Crude Label Group Champions, The Viking Raiders. The truth is out, I'm considering it a waste. I'm not considering them a waste; I am calling what I see of The Viking Raiders on my TV... is only a huge botched chance.

The Viking Raiders, recently known as War Raiders in NXT have figured out how to catch the Crude Label Group belts yet it would appear that WWE doesn't know precisely how to use them proficiently.

Rather than confronting upgrade ability every week, the opportunity has already come and gone that the Viking Raiders get a predominant and conceivable test from settled groups like the AOP.

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