Survivor Series is directly not far off and fans couldn't be progressively energized for this compensation per-see. WWE has just done a ton to publicity this show up, including NXT's investment. Fans are going to observe a portion of their fantasy matches at the occasion in Becky Lynch versus Bayley versus Shayna Baszler and AJ Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura versus Roderick Solid. 

Perhaps the greatest matches making a beeline for the show is the customary Team RAW versus Team SmackDown match, which will likewise include Team NXT and therefore, making it a 5-on-5-on-5 Survivor Series Disposal Match.

RAW and SmackDown have just reported their team individuals and just NXT is left to declare the equivalent. Each of the three brands are relied upon to create a show that will be associated with the opportunity to arrive. Fans are pondering who will win in this session. Our hypothesis is that it won't be RAW this year, and here are the 4 reasons why.

#4 Miscommunication could cost Team RAW the match

The current year's Team RAW contains Geniuses that have a history together. For example, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre are matches in WWE. Likewise, Randy Orton and Ricochet are a long way from agreeing. Presently remains Kevin Owens, who is a babyface in WWE, who may not play as large of a job as different members, however has a history with Rollins returning to when Owens was All inclusive Boss in 2016.

McIntyre is probably going to have an encounter with Rollins in the match sooner or later, and the equivalent could be said for Orton and Ricochet also. In the event that any of these Hotshots betray one another, Team RAW will effortlessly dive down and will get defenseless against losing the match. There's a noteworthy plausibility that something of this sort will occur at the compensation per-see. All things considered, in this antagonistic condition, things aren't probably going to go easily for Team RAW.

#3 FOX will need WWE to have SmackDown take the triumph 

WWE has marked a 5-year long agreement with FOX System for SmackDown. They have paid over a billion dollars to the organization and since their arrangement happened, WWE has booked SmackDown as the leader show.

Roman Rules will lead Team SmackDown at Survivor Series and he has vowed to break the Blue Brand's 2-year losing streak at the compensation per-see. His team likewise comprises Mustafa Ali, Braun Strowman, Shorty G and Lord Corbin.

Since FOX has paid an enormous measure of cash to WWE, they'll need the SmackDown Team to exit triumphant as it'll make the brand look solid. The way that they are in fact on a 2-year losing streak could likewise play ingo this. These could be moer reasona regarding why Team RAW may not win the current year's Survivor Series Disposal Match.

#2 NXT benefits the most from a triumph 

NXT Hotshots have apparently assumed control over RAW and SmackDown. In the previous barely any weeks, the Yellow Brand's wrestlers have attacked on the other two brands and have commanded. Triple H has worked his spirit to make NXT a resonating achievement and he, as well, will need his team to look solid.

In the past slide, we referenced how FOX could impact WWE to make Team RAW the losing team, yet in this one, we have taken another angle. NXT pretense on the USA System on Wednesday evenings and they have been battling to increase a fortress on viewership numbers for some time now.

On the off chance that the brand wins the match at Survivor Series, it'll send a gigantic message to fans watching the show and this could prompt them checking out NXT each and every week. What's more, if so, at that point WWE overall would be best servied by having RAW assume the misfortune, since both SmackDown and NXT would profit most from looking solid.

#1 Seth Rollins could sell out his team

One of the greatest paranoid ideas encompassing Survivor Series, and we have referenced it before also, is whether Team RAW's Commander Seth Rollins will turn heel at the compensation per-see. Obviously, Triple H offered Rollins to switch sides however the previous Widespread Boss hasn't acknowledged his idea starting at yet.

In any case, he could do as such at Survivor Series and in an unpredicatble night, this could without a doubt be the greatest shock of the show. Rollins has not worked a heel wrestler in the previous 3 years, and now, apparently a lot of WWE fans imagine that WWE needs to revive his character. A heel turn would not just permit Rollins to accomplish things he didn't the last time, and will likewise profit NXT a great deal. His quality of the Yellow Brand could be incredibly helpful to the show. And furthermore, if his double-crossing goes as arranged, it'll cost Team RAW their match at the compensation per-see.

Doing it along these lines, the entirety of the brands (NXT, RAW and SmackDown) will look solid. In the event that that is the situation, it wouldn't make any difference as much who wins the session, as the genuine champs will be the fans. Seth Rollins' heel turn would be immense and this could prompt some sudden things in WWE.

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