What If CM Punk Returned to WWE

There square measure 3 reasons why some fans still chant ‘CM Punk’, despite four years passing since his explosive departure. First, those fans square measure tired of what’s happening before of them. Second, they need to disrupt the flow of a show and take a look at to urge themselves over rather than the wrestlers within the ring.

And third, they still have a glimmer of hope that Punk can sometime come to WWE.

This latter feeling remains robust with some individuals, despite numerous factors operating against them. Punk has burned numerous bridges within the wrestling business that any come to that – whether or not with WWE or another company – is unbelievably unlikely.

Then again, one in every of the signature phrases spoken in WWE has been, ‘never say ne'er in WWE’. After all, this is often an equivalent company that featured the metropolis Screwjob, the final word Warrior’s departure from WWE, the awful execution of the Invasion plot line, and a unending inventive stress on ‘big guys’ at the expense of smaller and additional arch athletes.

However, all four of those matters had been resolved or reversed. Bret Hart and choreographer Michaels buried the hatchet in 2010, the final word person came back in 2014 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, a real ‘WCW guy’ (Sting) wrestled during a WWE ring, and one in every of the simplest wrestlers within the world beneath half dozen feet tall (A.J. Styles) is WWE Champion.

So whereas there square measure some World Health Organization believe that, in CM Punk’s case, the phrase ‘never say never’ doesn’t apply, there's still some reason to believe that Punk may come to WWE. If he were to try to to therefore, it definitely wouldn’t be for any long basis.

In fact, given what he has through with his life since his departure, any come to WWE would possible be for under one match, simply to convey the fans a correct farewell.

The following state of affairs, though unrealistic , paints a potential image of what Punk’s come would seem like.

Picture the subsequent scenario: WWE features a PPV happening in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago could be a far-famed town in wrestling circles as a result of it’s infamous for having one in every of the ‘smartest’ fanbase within the u.  s.. This crowd doesn’t forever follow what WWE management desires, and also the fans present square measure terribly exhausting to please.

Now the main-event of this show could be a 6-man tag match. On one aspect is that the trio of John Cena, Triple H, and Roman Reigns. within the lead-up to the present show, 2 of their 3 opponents square measure discovered, with the third being beaked as a ‘mystery partner’.

WWE tries to push this partner as a ‘former World Champion’, that send fans speculating on World Health Organization it would be. however most of them ignore the apparent choice; in any case, WWE would ne'er permit that far-famed Chicagoan to return back.

And then the most event is declared, and also the higher than trio is within the ring. Their opponents start off one by one. the primary out is Seth Rollins, World Health Organization gets an enormous reaction attributable to his history with all 3 opponents.

Then, out comes Daniel Bryan, World Health Organization conjointly has had far-famed matches and rivalries with all 3 of the wrestlers already within the ring.

Then, these 2 man stand aspect by aspect, grin ear to ear as they each flip their shoulders to the doorway ramp.

Cue ‘Cult of Personality’.

The thousands of fans present jump of their seats cheering, gazing uneasily at the ramp, hoping that it’s quite a foul joke at their expense.

And then…out he comes.

CM Punk, walks out with AN evil grin on his face as thousands of fans chant his name. He joins his fellow wrestlers and also the 3 of them walk all the way down to the ring along. therefore begins CM Punk’s come match, however this is often for one night solely.

The match begins with John Cena and Seth Rollins, World Health Organization exchange holds and momentum for a number of minutes. Then Cena tags in Triple H, World Health Organization stares daggers across the ring to Punk. Seth, being the sensible man, appearance to all or any the audience and begins build up the instant by inform at Punk. when he will therefore, the audience roars in approval.

So Punk extends his hand and Seth walks up to him, with the audience’s cheering obtaining louder with each step Seth takes. Then the tag is seen, and Punk gets into the ring. The Chicago audience goes fully crazy as their hero is back during a WWE ring (albeit for one night).

The match itself would be a typical WWE six-man tag, with a lot of false finishes, finishing move kick-outs and 2-counts. The match itself would finish with Triple H trying a Pedigree on Punk, however Punk would reverse this go into the GTS and hit that knee to Triple H’s face and find a clean and decisive three-count.

As Punk’s hand is raised in conclusion (along with those of his teammates), the audience would roar in approval a bit like they did once he won the WWE Championship in 2011. Punk would get one last moment of flattery and appreciation from the group, before being interviewed by Renee Young.

She would raise Punk what he was doing in WWE, and what this win meant for the longer term. Punk would then reply that this was a one-time match, which he had solely come to ‘tie-up loose ends’ and leave wrestling on the next note.

He would then announce his official retirement from professional wrestling, and convey the fans for supporting him.

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