The Roman Reigns match against Brock Lesnar is one in all the various times the 2 area unit set to play against one another, and there are rumours that Lesnar might be departure WWE to hitch the UFC post-SummerSlam.

Daniel Bryan is claimed to be nonetheless to sign a contract with WWE, and his contract is about to expire in September.

Randy Orton, on the opposite hand, has been the centre of dispute recently, with arguable stories concerning the 'Viper' being shared by a former WWE author.

Given the actual fact that Vince is about to fulfill Brock, whereas his match with Roman's end is seemingly up within the air, there might be changes afoot. Lesnar has been rumoured to go away WWE for a protracted time currently however ne'er created the move to really leave. Lesnar's meeting with Vince may simply confirm the end to the match, and also the way forward for the Universal Championship.

“There could be a meeting regular with Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon. I’ve additionally detected that sexy Orton are having a gathering with Vince McMahon presumably concerning ru**ing himself. And also, Daniel Bryan, he has not signed his influence WWE. Apparently, he's regular to sign his deal at that meeting."

Randy Orton's meeting could also be a lot of disciplinary in nature, given the allegations that have surfaced with regards to his actions with WWE workers.

Finally, Daniel Bryan's meeting may have an effect on the ending of his match with the Miz, as he might tie down his future with the WWE. If he signs, it'd mean that he can have a extended feud with the list star, rather than ending things at SummerSlam.

Most of the results of the conferences are easier to know, once SummerSlam has already taken place. At the instant, they're nothing however rumours.

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