Paul Heyman spotted at the Performance Center, new Heyman Guy revealed?

According to PWInsider, Paul Heyman was gift at the WWE Performance Center this past week. This comes on the heels of Heyman being attacked by Brock Lesnar on the foremost recent episode of RAW.

Heyman featured heavily on the most recent RAW episode whereby Brock Lesnar’s advocate was seen making an attempt to win over his consumer into kicking off to the ring. Lesnar was at his amusing best by being in his ‘I don’t provides a damn, where’s my money’ persona. He became a culture by the tip of the night courtesy of him reading a magazine throughout the pre-recorded backstage segments.

The Beast Incarnate eventually created his solution to the ring and in a very work of rage, took out Raw chief Kurt Angle with AN F5. However, he wasn’t done there as he vulnerable his advocate and successively, excited a split between the 2.

Speculation has been running rife ever since concerning the approaching split and also the fans have begun to surprise what happens to Heyman once Lesnar predictably leaves WWE for the UFC once SummerSlam.

A new Paul Heyman guy? perhaps, however WWE might have found another role for the previous ECW head honcho….

Heyman was gift at the WWE computer taking promo categories for many of the times this past week. Heyman is without doubt the most effective on the electro-acoustic transducer presently within the WWE, and quite probably the best of all time.

Thus, it makes absolute sense for WWE to possess Heyman provide some priceless tips to the up-and-comers down at the biological process. For all it's value, Heyman might have even scouted future Heyman guy...
While Heyman would in person don't have any issues coaching following crop of superstars, we’re certain the living genius would be quite glad managing any person on TV or by being concerned within the inventive workings backstage.

As much because the rookies want Heyman’s 2 cents in perfect promo-cutting, WWE TV wants the pinnatiped a lot of for maintaining its ratings and commercialism feuds by his promos.

If Heyman will get a brand new shopper, WHO does one assume it ought to be?

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