Full Name   Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace
Born   November 21, 1983
Height   5" 6'
Nationality   American
Relation(s)   Siblings: Brie Bella, JJ Garcia

Nikki Bella moved from San Diego to Los Angeles in quest for a vocation in media outlets.
Nikki Bella started her profession in the realm of amusement, through demonstrating, yet in addition by filling in as an advertiser and host among different jobs.

Nikki Bella's history

Nikki Bella also filled in as a server at the Mondrian Lodging. Bella is said to have widely looked for an operator during her waitressing days, to encourage her Hollywood yearnings.

Nikki Bella filled in as a model, with her first national TV appearance going ahead the FOX Reality TV drama Meet My People. Nikki and Brie Bella then filled in as the World Cup Twins for Budweiser in the mid-2000s.

WWE Debut

Nikki and Brie Bella began in the WWE's then-a formative area FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), in 2007.

The Bella Twins made their WWE principle program debut on the August 29th, 2008 scene of SmackDown. On the April 23rd, 2012 release of RAW, Nikki Bella crushed Beth Phoenix to win the WWE Divas Championship For The First Time.

Independent Wrestling Career

The Bella Twins came back to the outside the box proficient wrestling circuit, the next month, wrestling at an Upper east Wrestling show in Newburgh, New York.

Nikki Bella WWE Return

Nikki and Brie Bella came back to the WWE on the Walk eleventh, 2013 scene of RAW.

Nikki Bella vanquished AJ Lee at Survivor Arrangement on November 23rd, 2014, to win the WWE Divas Championship for the subsequent time. Nikki Bella proceeded to turn into the longest-prevailing WWE Divas Champion—holding the title for 301 days—before losing it to Charlotte Style Around evening time of Champions on September twentieth, 2015.

WrestleMania 33 and low maintenance status

Subsequent to suffering neck damage gives that made her abstain from in-ring rivalry through late-2015 and mid 2016, Nikki Bella returned at SummerSlam on August 21st, 2016.

Nikki Bella collaborated with John Cena, as they vanquished Maryse and The Miz at WrestleMania 33 on April second, 2017. Nikki Bella and John Cena got occupied with the ring after their WrestleMania triumph.

Following the occasion, Nikki Bella uncovered that she'd step away from in-ring rivalry for quite a while, in order to manage bothering neck issues. She returned at RAW 25 in January of 2018, and furthermore contended in the first-since forever Ladies' Royal Rumble at the Royal Rumble PPV on January 28th, 2018.

Nikki Bella eminently disposed of her sister Brie, before being wiped out by Asuka. Following the Royal Rumble occasion, a few reports recommended that the WWE anticipates advancing a fight between Nikki Bella and her sister Brie Bella. Moreover, most by far of expert wrestling specialists accepted that the contention would be a key storyline on the WWE-based E! unscripted TV drama Absolute Divas.

All things considered, the Nikki Bella versus Brie Bella fight is yet to happen as expected in 2018. The Bella Twins have recently quarreled with each other on WWE TV programming, be that as it may, with the two Hotshots presently performing sporadically for the advancement, the plausibility of a fight between the pair is said to be low.

In various meetings following her appearance at the 2018 Royal Rumble, Nikki Bella has affirmed that in spite of having accepted low maintenance status as an in-ring entertainer in the WWE, she intends to come back to the ring soon and contend in 2018.

Nikki Bella Nicknames

  • "Fearless Nikki"
  • "The Fearless One"
  • "The Fearless Hotshot"

Finishing Move

  • "Fearless Lock"
  • "Rack Attack 2.0"

Major Titles Held

  • WWE Divas Championship (2x)

Signature Moves

  • Back body drop
  • Bella Spear, trailed by numerous punches
  • Cross armbreaker
  • Double leg Slam
  • Front powerslam, dropped during use of a hammerlock
  • Headscissors, on occasion progressed into a figure-four necklock and pursued by various push-up
  • facebusters with insults
  • Handstand cornered reverse somersault calf kick to an approaching adversary
  • Leaping shoulder Block
  • One-Handed Thesz press, trailed by numerous tangle hammers
  • Modified Achilles lock
  • Running elbow or lower arm crush, now and again to an approaching rival
  • Snapback (Snapmare facebreaker)
  • Spinebuster, now and again to an approaching rival
  • Springboard roundhouse kick
  • Tilt-a-Whirl headscissors takedown

Nikki Bella Managers

  • Eva Marie

Nikki Bella Wrestlers Managed

  • The Colons (Carlito and Primo)
  • John Morrison
  • The Miz
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow)
  • Eva Marie

Nikki Bella Trivia

  • Nikki Bella was brought into the world 16 minutes before her twin sister Brie Bella, who is also a WWE Superstar.
  • Nikki and Brie Bella contended in soccer in their more youthful days.

Entrance Themes

  • "You Can Look (However You Can't Contact)" by Kim Sozzi and Jim Johnston (2008 – present)
  • "The Time Is Now" (February 21, 2017 − present; utilized while collaborating with John Cena)

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