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Maria Kanellis has taken to her Instagram page to state that the Diva's era of WWE was even as vital because the current era once Charlotte aptitude on the face of it reduced the term on on SmackDown Live

Maria Kanellis is one amongst solely four girls still a part of WWE following the annual opera star Search competitions, she came through the opera star Search back in 2004 and was later used as a part-time combatant and full-time backstage questioner.

This week on SmackDown Live, Charlotte aptitude told SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella that she was a "Diva living in an exceedingly Women's Era" before their face-off this weekend at SummerSlam, one thing that will have popped the WWE Universe however on the face of it furious Maria.

Maria is aware of what it's wish to perform in each the Divas era and as a part of this Women's Revolution and following Charlotte's comments on on SmackDown, she took to Instagram to share the importance that the Diva's era had on this product and why it mustn't be unnoticed.

"We all matter within the marathon known as the Evolution of ladies Superstars. And it’s not over. I see you. I’m with you. we have a tendency to were within the trenches along fully makeup, dresses and heels everyday, every show. Still fighting with babies, careers, husbands, and a stigma. Is it higher to fight for the system or the spot? each. Love you. along we have a tendency to push the system forward, apart we have a tendency to forget our past. people who forget their past repeat it." Kanellis wrote on her Instagram page as an announcement to indicate that she is happy with the division that she was once a {part of} and also the Women's Revolution that she came back to be part of last year.

It was recently discovered that Maria had suffered a broken carpus however it's thought that she is going to be recovered in time to be a part of Evolution on Oct twenty eighth.

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