John Morrison talks about the possibility of a WWE return

Johny Impact, at one time called John Morrison throughout his run with WWE, recently spoke to CBS native and talked a few attainable come to WWE and a brand new season for Lucha Underground.

John Morrison left the WWE IN 2012 as a former multi-time Tag Team Champion, IC Champion, and ECW Champion.

He has gone onto creating an enormous name for himself in promotions like Lucha Underground- wherever he's a former metal Champion, abdominal aortic aneurysm and Impact Wrestling.

Impact is presently a section of Lucha Underground similarly as Impact Wrestling, wherever he was seen finding out a serious win against Taiji Ishimori, Pete Williams and Fenix in a very 4-way match at the Slammiversary PPV.
Here is what Johny had to mention a few attainable come to WWE:

"WWE could be a nice company. there's nothing specific on the horizon between Maine and them at once. I arrange on staying with Lucha Underground for a short time. As way as do I see something on the horizon? World Health Organization is aware of. once I left WWE in 2012, i used to be designing on taking a year off, and currently that’s was quite whereas. however I couldn’t be happier outside of WWE at once, due to places like MLW, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground and freelance promotions everywhere the place. There ar a great deal of extremely cool places to figure outside of WWE, and I’m having a extremely nice time doing that at once.” 

He conjointly talked concerning if Luch Underground would have a season five and mentioned that everybody is on-board however nothing is for certain as of currently.

Johny Impact are going to be seen on the truth show Survivor and solely time can tell if he makes a come to WWE before long or not.

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