Don Callis addresses Scarlett Bordeaux controversy, whether it's a jab at the WWE Women's Evolution

On a recent edition of the Killing The city podcast with Paul Lazenby, Impact Wrestling vice chairman Don Callis displayed on a myriad of topics.

Most conspicuously, Callis addressed  the disputation concerning Impact’s Scarlett Bordeaux character. Besides, decisionis also disclosed whether or not Bordeaux’s character may be a jab at the WWE Women’s Evolution.

Scarlett Bordeaux, whose real name is Elizabeth Chihaia, created her wrestling debut back in 2012.

Bordeaux rose to prominence throughout her time in ROH, and recently created her Impact Wrestling debut as a wicked character.

As we’d antecedently reported , specialists believe that Bordeaux’s character in Impact Wrestling could also be a refined jab at the WWE Women’s Evolution—with same character being designed to be Impact’s version of former WWE star Sable.

One have to be compelled to note that whereas most pro-wrestling fans received the Scarlett Bordeaux Impact Wrestling character in an exceedingly positive manner—praising each Bordeaux also because the company for his or her creativity—certain sections of fans claimed to be pained, declarative that Bordeaux’s character was too risqué and offensive.

In relation to constant, Impact Wrestling vice chairman Don Callis noted that the bulk of fans responded completely to the introduction of Bordeaux in Impact. He added  that bound people United Nations agency reacted negatively to her character, area unit most likely the type of individuals United Nations agency merely search for things to be pained by. 

Additionally, Callis elucidated that the message place forth by the Bordeaux character was, in fact, empowering for women—noting that she is unapologetic concerning however she dresses, alluding that the Scarlett Bordeaux character doesn’t care concerning however individuals wish her to decorate and act.

Callis continued  that the individuals pained by the gimmick have to be compelled to understand that Bordeaux’s TV character is fictional which everybody on the show is representational process a personality that doesn’t essentially mirror their real-life beliefs. Callis stated—

"I thought that it had been attention-grabbing what she did; and that i suppose that folks are going to be pleasantly shocked as we have a tendency to move forward. She's truly a awfully sensible matman, and that i suppose it got individuals talking in an exceedingly great way and yea, i believe individuals area unit going, “Oh, what area unit they gonna do?” and that i do not know what they suppose is gonna happen here, however you ne'er know!”

“You're gonna have to be compelled to tune up to Impact on Pop TV within the USA each Thursday night at eight o’clock or on Game TV and also the fabulous Fight Network in North American nation to ascertain it out. it's must-see programming, particularly the foremost recent tapings from provincial capital within the Rebel amusement advanced. What an excellent venue. i believe our male demographic can go up with Scarlett." (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)

Furthermore, Callis expounded upon whether or not the Bordeaux character may be a jab at the continuing WWE Women’s Evolution. Callis processed that isn’t the case—noting that though he features a WWE network subscription, he doesn’t follow the merchandise closely.

Scarlett Bordeaux presently continues to contend on the freelance wrestling circuit—Impact Wrestling specially.

The overwhelming majority of wrestling specialists believe that Bordeaux is probably going to be featured collectively of the promotion’s prime stars within the days to return.

What area unit your thoughts on the Scarlett Boredaux disputation and Don Callis’ statements? be officious within the comments!

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