Becky Lynch talks about teaming with Charlotte, her Summerslam match, Evolution and more

A member of the four horsewomen of wrestling beside Charlotte aptitude, Bayley and Sasha Banks, Becky is one in all the foremost dear WWE Superstars on the listing.

She was the primary ever SmackDown Women's Champion and is finally obtaining an attempt at reclaiming her Championship once she takes on Carmella and Charlotte aptitude for the title at Summerslam.

I had the prospect to talk to her over a telecon and here is what she had to say:

SK: If the WWE were to introduce the Women's Tag Team Championships presently, World Health Organization would you choose as your tag team partner?

Becky: Charlotte aptitude, of course. we tend to have already got our tag team name ready: Tea-generation X.

SK: Speaking of Charlotte, she has backstabbed you once before, area unit you distressed one thing like that may happen once more at Summerslam?

Becky: affirmative it's a break and it is often reaching to be a break, particularly during this trade as we tend to all wish to urge to the highest and that we are going to be one notch, one success far from changing into a champion at Summerslam. So yes, my eyes are going to be a lot of open than they ever are before.

SK: you've got already featured James Ellsworth in AN intergender match if given an opportunity that male hotshot would you prefer to face?

Becky: AJ designs.

SK: what's your opinion on the approaching all women's Evolution PPV?

Becky: i feel it's amazing! it's a end result of years upon years diligence and determination and not dropping. we tend to did not even assume it absolutely was doable and that we have broken through our own limitations and it's reaching to be unmissable

Would you prefer to examine Becky kill win at Summerslam and become a 2 time Women's Champion? Comment below!

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