The Miz On How Total Divas Was A Catalyst For Miz And Mrs.

The Miz spoke to atom smasher concerning his USA Network show, Miz and Mrs. Here square measure a number of the highlights:

Why he aforesaid "yes" to Miz and Mrs.:

"We did the overall Divas, and that they saw that tremendous chemistry between U.S.. They saw the method we have a tendency to acted with each other. i feel this was 3 years past, we have a tendency to were asked to try and do our own production reality show. and that i still had reasonably a ... I wasn't bitter at reality, it's wherever I came from with the important World. the important World Challenges were wonderful. However, Hollywood, back after I was on reality shows, failed to like reality shows. we have a tendency to were forever checked out as no talent, as nothing, it absolutely was garbage TV, yada yada yada. and that is form of wherever I came from. it absolutely was forever a foul issue. that is wherever i used to be at 3 years past.

"And then I started look and learning and realizing that these days everything could be a reality show. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. All the social media, i do know what everyone seems to be doing at any given a part of the day. Then the actual fact that they came back 3 years later and aforesaid, 'Hey, we might like you to try and do this show, and not solely that however you will have a say.' Once I detected we have a tendency to can be producers, that is after I, additionally as my married woman, said, 'Listen, this is often a no brainer.' we have a tendency to do what we would like, once we need, however we would like, and we'll create this show what we would like.

"We did not need to try and do a reality show, we have a tendency to wished to try and do form of a docu-series, wherever it shows what it's prefer to be initial time oldsters within the show business. we have a tendency to did not need it to be known as 'unscripted' or a 'reality show,' as a result of generally I want once folks see that they are going, 'Oh that is faux.' they are decision making it. And what i need folks to assume after they watch the show, and what i feel Maryse thinks additionally, we would like you to look at it like you'd watch Curb Your Enthusiasm or The workplace or fashionable Family. we would like you to look at, enjoy, relax, take a load off and slip out of your reality and enter ours. it is a 30-minute comedy."

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