James Ellsworth didn't sign a WWE contract but could return in the future 

James Ellsworth was recently laid-off on WWE TV, however owing to the handclasp deal that he had with WWE, it implies that he may come at any time.

Ellsworth came to WWE at cash within the Bank back in Gregorian calendar month once he helped Carmella to retain her SmackDown Women's Championship during a match against Asuka. He then joined forces with the girl that he once helped to become Miss cash within the Bank, and all over again helped her to retain her title once she collided with The Empress of Tomorrow during a Shark Cage match at Extreme Rules.

Ellsworth was able to face Asuka during a one-on-one match many weeks agone, that he lost, an equivalent means he lost to Becky kill in one-on-one action prior to his unharness last year.

Ellsworth was solely a {part of} WWE for around 5 weeks as part of his current run, however this eventually came to AN finish this past week on SmackDown Live, once he affronted the overall Manager Leroy Robert Paige and he or she laid-off him from the corporate.

Cageside Seats area unit news that Ellsworth ne'er really signed a contract with WWE once he came back, he was on form of a handclasp traumatize the corporate which suggests that even if he is been laid-off currently, he will come if the corporate ever wants him within the future.

Ellsworth has been able to continue acting on the freelance Circuit while he was on WWE and it's thought that this may continue till WWE decides that they have him once more.

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