Brooke Hogan's statement on Hulk Hogan's WWE return

Brooke Hogan's statement on Hulk Hogan's WWE return

He's back wherever he belongs brother! Hulk Hogan's reinstatement into the WWE Hall of Fame has been the largest point in wrestling circles and also the news has been received completely.
Hogan's girl Brooke Hogan took to Twitter to unleash a press release on her legendary's father WWE come and he or she was unsurprisingly beaming proudly over his 'transformation'.
Hogan was faraway from the WWE Hall of Fame 3 years past once AN audio clip was free within which the 6-time WWE Champion was detected victimization racial slurs. That beside a sex-tape scandal were enough for the WWE Management to point out Hogan the door.

Ever since the disgraceful exit, Hogan has been operating overtime so as to mend his public image including public service and lots of public apologies. most significantly, he stayed out of bother over the past 3 years and murmurs of his inevitable come back were solely growing louder by the day.WWE confirmed last night that they'd taken Hogan back to the Hall of Fame however did not let out to any extent further details on however they set up on victimization him going Extreme Rules and commented on his interactions with the WWE stars backstage :

@HulkHogan Just met with the @WWE Superstars and on all levels the volume of love and support was overwhelming. I’ve been praying for this day and I finally feel like I made it back home. Only Love 4 the brother HH

Brooke Hogan gave her combat her illustrious father's come back and thanked the fans for the chance whereas additionally being optimistic regarding her dad's second spherical within the WWE. Here's her complete statement :

@MizzHogan So proud of the true transformation my father has made spiritually & as a human. None of us are perfect, but we can UNlearn old things & learn new ways. Everyone’s evolution is unique to them & Gods timing. Thx to the fans for the endless love. Round 2 here we come.

It's nice to check the overwhelming support towards Hogan's come back back home, not simply from his friends and family however conjointly from the wrestling community. It's simply not possible to stay somebody as picture as Hogan out for long and Vince McMahon and co. too could have accomplished the actual fact.
According to PWInsider, Hogan has not signed any contract with the WWE and can not be creating any appearances on SmackDown or RAW within the predictable future. However, things ar continually subject to alter and you ne'er apprehend once the Hulkster might show up TV brother! As of this writing, he's not a district of any plans going forward.

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