Braun Strowman might not lose his Money in the Bank contract, and this is why

Ever since Braun Strowman has been ready to get his hands on the cash within the Bank contract, he has been ready to generate vast excitement inside the WWE Universe.

Being touted as man. Monster within the Bank, it's sure that the WWE considers Braun Strowman an enormous draw. However, recent developments have junction rectifier several fans to invest that things may not be constant once SummerSlam

Braun Strowman is presently in an exceedingly feud with Kevin Owens wherever he lost to the latter at the intense Rules PPV. The feud has been supported Braun Strowman torturing Kevin Owens and enjoying it.

The situation has designed up to some extent that Kevin Owens has demanded a match against Braun Strowman with the contract on the road, and Braun Strowman would lose the title although he were to be disqualified.

Though it's going to seem to be an extended shot, the case has junction rectifier some to invest that Kevin Owens presumably} possibly achieve a surprise upset over Braun Strowman. Also, taking into consideration however over Kevin Owens is with the WWE Universe, it is sensible.

However, analyzing it - Braun Strowman is that the 1st virtuoso WHO has created Kevin Owens gain a major quantity of heel heat. we've got seen earlier that in spite of being one amongst the simplest heel figures on the roll, Kevin Owens was systematically cheered by the audience (the 'you be it' chants on winning the Universal Championship being associate example).

However, that modified with Braun Strowman starting a feud with him. From what has been seen, the WWE Universe is actually excited to ascertain Braun Strowman enjoying choosing on Owens.

The fact that Kevin Owens was victorious within the Extreme Rules match (although not in an exceedingly manner he would have expected) leads several to believe that he would possibly once more achieve a ending over the monster.

Although there's continually the chance of surprises, it doesn't appear to be the case now around. the primary and foremost purpose that looks to fortify this line of thinking is that the WWE won't risk Braun Strowman losing the contract.

The Monster Among Men is one amongst those superstars that the WWE Universe needs to ascertain because the Universal Champion. Ever since he captured the contract, fans are with excitement speculating concerning once and wherever he would value more highly to money it in.

The WWE won't dare deny its fans that moment. As it is, Braun Strowman possesses the potential to act because the biggest surprise issue once Brock Lesnar makes his look.

The second purpose that offers ground to the present argument is however Braun Strowman has been reserved. though Kevin Owens gained a ending over Strowman within the last match, it had been Strowman losing by choice.

Strowman seemed to be a lot of involved concerning inflicting penalisation on Owens. However, that will not be the case now around as he would be a lot of involved concerning holding on to the contract.

Also, we have a tendency to should keep in mind that the Universal Championship match is between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. As such, the history of the 3 men would come back to play just in case Strowman decides to benefit his contract, therefore leading to a triple threat match.

However, we will conjointly expect some tricks up Kevin Owens' sleeve, he has verified to be one amongst the foremost attention-grabbing characters on the roll, and going by the arrogance he displayed - he for sure has some plans. However, it might be within the best interest of WWE for Braun Strowman to carry on to the contract.

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